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Avoid the black squares, capture colored squares, make the combo! When you finish a combo you get awarded a multiplier bonus. For each time you make the combo without touching the wrong kind of color, the multiplier (and score) increases.

Currently the arcade has 354 games that have been played 2,580 times (0 today) for 84 11:18:34

Latest Champions

Game Player Score Date
Bucket Launcher matty92243 6,470 28th May 2018, 01:19
Spin Poker Deluxe meanjean 9,433 25th March 2018, 15:19
Cell Out Guest 16,070 24th February 2018, 06:58

Most Trophies

Player Trophies
matty92243 271
bouncier 14
OrangeCrush 4

More Latest Scores

Game Player Score Date
Corn Pile matty92243 4,165 20th July 2018, 01:50
Baby Descruction matty92243 140 20th July 2018, 01:24
Blooming Gardens Guest 320 2nd July 2018, 20:38

Longest Players

Player Time
bouncier 41 6:24:14
Guest 16 17:38:34
matty92243 16 5:37:32

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