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22nd December 2009, 06:54
Let's play BINGO!!
I will ask OC to reset the bingo game and the person with the highest score on january 28,2010 will win....
1 - 1.7 fl.oz of candid cologne spray perfume and
1- candid roll on anti-perspirant deodorant.both are from avon.
The winner will have to PM there address after i post the winner.so i can mail them.I will mail it to anyone in the world.So Everyone may play including the staff(that means you to OC,lol)AS soon as the BINGO game gets reset the tourney will start.Good Luck everyone:)

22nd December 2009, 14:52
Awwww Shirls how very sweet of you to do this!!! Unfortunately I can't reset the scores here or at OST and Geno is on holiday until mid January.

When he gets back if you'd like, we can run this past him then?

I'd like to thank you very much for thinking of us hun!!! You're the best!!!


23rd December 2009, 18:10
that's ok oc,we can try when geno gets back.just thought it would be fun,lol

24th December 2009, 18:45
just noticed this post...ty shirlsplay for a very kind offer and a very good idea

29th December 2009, 03:15
can i join this tourney


29th December 2009, 08:19
ill join if it gets approved! thanks for the idea shirl.

30th December 2009, 01:09
Yes it is very nice of Shirls to want to run this tournament! When Geno gets back from holiday mid next month we'll see if he approves it and will be posting if he does. ;)

30th December 2009, 02:05
hope so but i sure need to practice that bingo is fast