View Full Version : Create your own Tourneys!

20th July 2008, 23:53
Dear Bingo Crushers,

You can now create your own Tournaments to play in!

Just go to the Arcade, click Tournaments and then Create a New Tournament (select the game, and the number of tries each player can take and just wait for others to join you!)

You can currently create as many Tourneys as you wish in the games available (the Casino games are the only ones available to be played at the moment but I will allow more access once I've gotten around to Categorizing them).

Once you've created a tournament, come back and make a NEW TOPIC in this forum so that others know - or - just look in the Tournaments area and you'll see which tourneys are available for you to join ;)

Good luck and Happy Gaming!


30th July 2008, 21:41
geno just like to say that being able to create tournies is a great feature you have on here and adds a whole new dimension to the site...is it only here that we will be able to do it or yoy planning on changing the arcades at cc and pc to the same style

9th August 2008, 07:16

I love that we're able to create our own tournies...thanks geno;)