Hello Crushers,

In order to receive your prize money from the Crush sites you must have a total of $20 in prize winnings before you will be paid.

Geno is now able to combine Casino Crush, Poker Crush and Bingo Crush's prizes together so you'll reach the $20 limit faster.

There is 1 requirement however ... in order for Geno to lump your prizes from all 3 Crush sites you MUST have the same forum name at Poker Crush and Bingo Crush as you do here at Casino Crush. This is not necessary for our Staff to do. (perks of being staff lol)

If your login ids are different and you'd like to lump all of your prize money together, please either make a post here or send me a private message with your login id at Poker Crush and or Bingo Crush and I'll get them changed by December 1st.

If your forum ids are the same at all 3 forums, you are already set to have your prizes combined.

Casino Crush's 9th Birthday/Christmas Celebration starts December 1st and we will be having a huge party!!! We will have not only our regular monthly contests but we'll also have daily contests, a crossover contest, possibly a crossword puzzle contest etc etc so if you participate your chances of winning will definately be increased in December with all of the prizes we'll be giving away.

I can make the change after the current month ends/next month begins so there will be no interruption in our game contests and give Geno time to set up our accounting records for the new month.

Of course you may keep your login ids as they are if you'd like, but we can't promise that your prizes will be lumped together. Also you don't have to change it now, you may change it any month, just let me know before the end of the month so we can get you set up for the next month.

If you have any questions, please ask. I know what I'm talking about but ... I'm old and blonde so I may be the only one that knows. LOL

Thanks kids!!!

Happy Gaming Always!