Dear Bingo Crushers,

I'm sure you will notice that Bingo Crush forums has now been upgraded

You will see now you have credits that are earned in various ways for various activities (details will come on this later).

Also, we now have 2 private free bingo games available via the GAME LOBBY. Please be patient and ensure you have Flash installed as this is only available to those with Flash installed and enabled.

My plan is to schedule Bingo Tourneys (in the Bingo Crush tourney room) -- the other game I will schedule for automatic games.

A lot of this is new to me so please bear with me whilst I find my way around and get everything sorted

Please of course let me know (by posting a reply here) if anything looks odd or if you have any questions

The other free games are in the ARCADE section with all your scores preserved -- I will aim to reset the high scores monthly from the start of April going forward.

Whilst I'm learning new things about the new software there may be the odd occasion when the forum is disabled whilst I adjust things a little but I'll do my best always to show a notice with a good estimation of time needed to complete any such adjustments.

I also need to add a few more bits like the banners showing etc - but this will be done as and when I have time

Good luck and Happy Gaming Always!